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Statement by Attorney Christopher A. Collins on Behalf of Keith Jackson

Dear Members of the Press,

Statement by Attorney Christopher A. Collins on Behalf of Keith Jackson

As legal counsel for Keith Jackson, I would like to address the recent criminal charge brought against my client. This charge is serious, and we understand the public’s interest in this matter. However, everyone must bear in mind that our legal system operates on the fundamental principle that every accused individual is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Keith Jackson maintains his innocence and intends to vigorously defend against this allegation.

Respecting the legal process, we have and will continue to cooperate fully with the authorities. Keith Jackson has the right to due process, including a fair trial, access to evidence, and the opportunity to present a defense. We trust that the justice system will uphold these rights.

It is essential to separate legal proceedings from political discourse. While Keith Jackson is a public figure, we urge everyone to refrain from making premature judgments based on political affiliations or personal opinions. Please allow the legal process to unfold without undue influence.

We are committed to transparency throughout this proceeding. We will pursue all legal avenues, challenge evidence, and vigorously advocate for Keith Jackson’s rights. We will provide updates as appropriate, respecting the boundaries set by legal ethics and confidentiality rules. Our goal is to ensure that the truth prevails.

We recognize the importance of maintaining public trust. Our actions will reflect the highest ethical standards, and we encourage the public to rely on verified information rather than speculation.  In conclusion, we appreciate the media’s role in informing the public, but we ask for patience and restraint. Let justice take its course, and we remain confident that the truth will prevail.


Christopher A. Collins

Attorney at Law



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