The Number One Bluegrass Radio Station in Jackson

WTWZ began operations Oct. 10, 1982, with cutting edge broadcasting.


 We feature a variety of programming, such as national and local news every hour on the hour,  current weather, and inspirational programs to start your day.


From 1:00pm until… Terry Wood  plays all your favorite Bluegrass music.


WTWZ and Terry E. Wood owner, and radio personality have had coverage in  the Clarion Ledger and several National Magazines. This station and Terry have been spotlighted on several television stations’ six and ten pm news, illustrating that a totally blind person is capable of owning & operating his business in a professional manner.


Terry Wood was the recipient of the Spirit of Mississippi award, presented by WLBT Channel 3 on April 4, 1986.


WTWZ now has FM 102.5 and can be heard on line at WTWZRadio.com. We are extremely excited about all the possibilities that are opening up. We have only just begun.


WTWZ will welcome any correspondence with anyone who would like to talk. & if there are other disabled people, who are looking for ways to further their own career, Terry is always happy to be of assistance.


"I feel as if I am one of the most privileged people in the world, because of the opportunities that have been given to me." 


from Listeners

"I have been a life-long listener to WTWZ.  I am old enough to remember listening to the Opry on a 7-transistor radio.  Bill and Lester and Earl and on and on.   I can not tell you how incredible the new FM station and the new play list are.  I travel with my work during the week and being able to dial in (even some fuzzy, distorted, distant) FM bluegrass signal tells me that I am approaching home.  As that signal builds, so does the volume knob . . . and generally my speed.  Hard not to push the throttle when that driving banjo kicks in.  I'll send you my next speeding ticket!


Outstanding job.  God bless y'all."

 Cragin Knox

 Martin Morris

Just discovered your station and I love it! I wanted to express my appreciation and let you know that I would love to hear an even mix of classics and Progressive Bluegrass. Maybe I am wrong but as I listen to WTWZ I sense a lack of new/current material. Unlike all other music genres today, I like what the next generation of Bluegrassers is producing. Thank you for what you do because you bring a great deal of enjoyment to my life!

 Natalie Bell

I am thrilled to find your station as I was going through the dial. It's now the only Jackson station I listen to (when bluegrass is on). Thank you for reminding me of home!

 David McCoy

I don’t know where I have been but I found out from my daughter-n-law that 102.5 existed.  As a true fan of Bluegrass Junction on SiriusXM  I always wanted a local station but could never understand why one did not exist.  I am so glad!  I really believe this music has one of the greatest  possible marketing growths of any music that exist today.  Thanks for your station

 Ed Kennedy

Thank you so much for broadcasting the Jackson Academy basketball games. Because of that, I have become a regular listener of your station. Love the Bluegrass!!!


 Gary Walker

Thank goodness for a radio station that plays GOSPEL & BLUEGRASS!!! Great music, great programming, great management, great courage to produce the gospel & bluegrass sound in the Clinton, MS, area. Had opportunity to talk by phone ( after discovering WTWZ) with owner and was greatly impressed. Again, THANK YOU!!!

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