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MC Students Give Faith-Filled Testimonies of Heeding God’s Call at Education Commission Meeting

Winter weather causes virtual start to college spring semester
The Lyceum Building on University of Mississippi’s campus in Oxford. Credit: Molly Minta/Mississippi Today

Answering God’s call is a journey of faith, trust, and surrender that requires a willingness to leave behind the familiar and embrace the unknown. Biblical figures like Abraham, Moses, Esther, and Mary discovered that embracing the call leads to a purpose-filled life of divine fulfillment.

Students at Mississippi College have learned to put away their uncertainties to heed the Lord’s call as well.

Cameron Trejo was taking prerequisite courses at a local community college to attend veterinary school when she received the call to enter the ministry. The Clinton resident enrolled in Mississippi College instead and is on track to graduate in May with a degree in interpersonal communication and a minor in ministry studies.

After his freshman year in college, Malachi Beasley ended his pursuit of a computer science degree to answer the call to music ministry. After obtaining his worship leadership degree from MC this May, the Sebastopol native will continue serving as worship pastor at Harmony Baptist Church in Crystal Springs.

Both students will describe how the Lord directed their paths to Mississippi College and guided their feet to ministerial careers during the Education Commission’s annual meeting Jan. 26 on the Clinton campus.

After sharing their testimonies with high-ranking leaders of the Mississippi Baptist Convention and the presidents and administrators of Blue Mountain College, MC, and William Carey University, the students, both members of Worship Collective, a musical ensemble that shares the Gospel through authentic worship, will perform a popular hymn for the group.

“Being selected to speak to the Commission is a great testament to what the Lord has done in my life,” Trejo said. “It’s truly an honor to tell them my story.”

“It’s a privilege to share what the Lord is doing in my life,” said Beasley, who also performs with MC’s Symphonic Winds band.

The Education Commission cultivates the interest of Mississippi Baptists on behalf of Christian higher education, strengthens the colleges of Mississippi Baptists and unifies their efforts in the Convention program of Christian higher education, and makes recommendations through the Convention Board to the Convention concerning all cooperative efforts in the field of Christian higher education, among other responsibilities.

Trejo said answering the Lord’s call requires a willingness to listen. She said she heard the call while in the midst of prayer.

“The lead team at church was saying a prayer where we were trying to listen for God rather than requesting things of Him,” she said. “I had never thought of doing ministry, but I felt Him say, ‘Look, I really want you to do ministry for Me.’ It was a ‘Wait? What? Who, me?’ kind of moment.”

At first, she wasn’t sure what the message meant, so she took her time, prayed for clarity, and spoke with one of her mentors.

“I expressed some of my fears and doubts about what’s going to happen, what my family is going to think,” she said. “I had been spending all this money to attend veterinary school, and now I was going to change everything. All these fears didn’t line up with God’s plan for me. The main thing was I just didn’t feel good enough.

“She told me, “God doesn’t call the equipped; he equips the called.’ That has stuck with me ever since. God’s going to equip me. If you look at the disciples, they were imperfect people and needed God to equip them. After I talked with her, that was the moment I decided to switch everything over and follow God’s call.”

Once she had said “Yes” to the Lord, Trejo discovered that Mississippi College provided the best place to fulfill that calling.

“I switched all of my plans, changed my major, and trusted that the Lord was going to take care of the rest.”

Beasley surrendered to the ministry while in college. His pursuit of a computer science degree was progressing well enough, but he felt drawn to study his first love: music.

“I knew that if I didn’t swap back to music, what the Lord had called me to, I would never do it,” he said. “I thought the Lord called me to pursue a music ministry, so I switched my major to music during my second year. I started looking at different Baptist colleges and researched where I should go.

“Mississippi College and William Carey University caught my eye. When I looked into the programs that were available, MC provided the best location for me.”

Beasley said the Christian instruction he has received at Mississippi College is second to none.

“The professors have a great grasp of the Bible and the theology that goes along with it,” he said. “It has been a great place to make connections and learn about the ministry. Being able to speak with your professors, ask them serious questions, and get to know them is important for me.

“I come from a small school, so getting to sit down with your professors, having them walk me through their answers, and letting me come to my own conclusions has been beneficial. While I have continued to study music, MC has let me dive into church ministry and learn how it works and how to do it effectively.”

MC has also provided the students with a creative outlet for their musical performances. On a whim, Trejo, auditioned for the Chapel Band. Her passion and love of music were reignited when she was selected to join the group.

“The fact that I got in was by the grace of God,” said Trejo, who will begin a worship residency at Pine Lake Church on May 20. “Being in that group, falling in love with music, and worshipping the Lord – it’s been amazing to fulfill that calling. MC has given me so many different relationships and the opportunity to grow in my relationship with the Lord.”


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