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Kenny & Amanda Smith

Kenny & Amanda Smith

The award-winning duo of Kenny & Amanda Smith have cultivated a reputation of delivering fresh, heartfelt, bluegrass music to stages worldwide for nearly two decades. Known for sincere vocals and stellar musicianship, Kenny & Amanda Smith are one of the most beloved husband-and-wife teams in acoustic music.

Partners in both life and in music, Kenny and Amanda met at a bluegrass festival in the late nineties, while Kenny was performing with the legendary bluegrass group, The Lonesome River Band. Although a young man, Kenny already had a reputation as an ace guitarist, having twice been named Guitar Player of the Year by the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA). Amanda had grown up singing in churches and local talent competitions, and her star was quickly rising in the bluegrass community. The two forged a bond over their love for bluegrass music and their dedication to their Christian faith, creating a connection that resulted in lifetime love for the two of them, and beautiful music for the world.

Official Website: Kenny & Amanda Smith


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