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In the 20 years since their inception, Choose Life Mississippi has raised $4 million to protect

unborn children. 166,510 car tags have been sold to people across the state who share the same

dream. This achievement is monumental and one that Choose Life Mississippi does not take for

granted. Every tag sold has been instrumental in the fight for unborn lives in Mississippi.

June 24, 2023 marks the first year anniversary of the Dobbs Decision, a Mississippi case that

overturned Roe vs. Wade. “Now that Mississippi has laws to protect our unborn babies and the

last abortion clinic is finally closed, women need our help more than ever,” says President and

Founder Terri Herring. “Pregnancy Resource Centers are a crucial resource for women facing

unplanned pregnancies.”

Choose Life Mississippi was launched in 2003. The goal was simple: to save the lives of unborn

children by supporting their mothers during their pregnancies and beyond. Choose Life

Mississippi achieves this goal through the sale of “Choose Life” tags. Funds provide vital

resources to pregnancy centers across the state and provide the support that women need to

become the mothers they hope to be. There are over 30 pregnancy care centers in the state of

Mississippi. These centers meet the physical, emotional and medical needs of women in need by

providing free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and compassionate, sound advice about pregnancy

and parenting. They also provide adoption counseling.

Supporting women has always been a goal central to Choose Life’s mission, but now more than

ever, it is imperative that women are offered guidance, resources and quality care early in

pregnancy. You can be a part of the solution by purchasing a “Choose Life” tag or the new

“Adoption Tag” to provide funding for these centers. For more information go to


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