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Artists To Watch In 2024

I thought it would be fun to highlight a handful of artists from different genres of music that I think will be making waves this year. With over 100,000 new tracks being uploaded to streaming services each day, it can be overwhelming to zero in on just one artist. So, I’ve taken the time to cherry pick four exceptional artists from rock, dance, classical, and pop music. Each of these artists offer quality music that stands out from the pack in their respective styles.

The Los Angeles rock band Dead Sara recently caught my attention with a blistering alternative song called “Violent”. After listening I decided to check out much of their other music and found myself jaw dropped by the power and quality of their work. The band consists of vocalist Emily Armstrong, guitarist Siouxsie Medley, and drummer Sean Friday. This power trio have all the makings of a legendary rock band and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see them become a household name in the near future.

Another musician that has impressed me for quite some time is EDM artist G.H. Hat. This multi-genre producer, remixer, composer and performer offers some of the best vocal and Instrumental EDM available today. G.H. Hat’s piano jam series is particularly enjoyable, and his billboard charting hit “I Got A Problem” is one of the catchiest pop songs I’ve ever heard. The scene feels ripe for some big moves from this talented producer and 2024 feels like it might be the year of G.H. Hat in the EDM world.

Classical music is an emotionally nourishing genre of music for me, and Pauline Frechette makes some of the best in the business. Her neoclassical originals provide some of the most soothing piano playing and orchestral arrangements to ever move through my speaker system. There’s an emotive power in Frechette's work that you don’t see every day, and many are beginning to take notice. Look out for big moves from this talented composer this year. The stage is set for a breakout moment in 2024 for Pauline Frechette.

Moving over to pop music we have Meg Smith: a Brooklyn-based rising star who started making moves in 2020. Meg’s music is catchy like Taylor Swift’s except it has more charm and humor to it. There’s also a subtle biting edge to much of the lyrics and musical arrangements that reflects the standout quality of this artist. Meg Smith has been releasing great music on a regular basis for the last four years and her fan base continues to steadily grow. Judging by the progress she’s made thus far, I feel like 2024 could easily be a big year for her.

So, there you have it: Four exciting artists to watch in 2024. It’s such an interesting time in music history right now. Never before have we had so many artists releasing so much music. There are endless new and old songs to choose from and they are all just a couple screen taps away. I hope you’ll enjoy one or two of the artists I’ve presented here, and I hope they help your year shine a little brighter.

Ron Powers


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