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Amiable Arts Foundation gears up for their second year teaming up with Jackson Public Schools

Amia D. Edwards

Actress and philanthropist Amia Edwards has partnered with Jackson Public Schools to launch The Amiable Arts Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to introducing youth to the arts.

The organization is aimed at introducing the youth of Jackson, Mississippi to the arts. The Amiable Arts Foundation is designed to show the youth of Jackson endless possibilities they could embark on while discovering themselves. Their goal and mission is to teach our youth to reach for the stars. This program focuses primarily on theatre and performance arts and is a part of Edwards' production company Amiable Productions.

Since a year has passed since the program launched, The Amiable Arts Foundation has made tremendous progress within the Jackson Public School District. A key component of the program is the monthly masterclasses, where Edwards introduced the students to industry professionals on topics such as acting, makeup, and screenwriting. As a result of their learning, some of the district's middle school students participated in their own production of the classic tale, THE WIZ. The High school participants wrote, produced, and filmed their own short films. These films were featured at a district-wide film festival Edwards and the team at The Amiable Foundation hosted called the Amiable Awards. All participating students and parents were invited to attend. At the ceremony, students were awarded for their work and performances.

"I hope to inspire students to explore not only their creativity but also empower them with knowledge of this industry," shared Amia Edwards.

Certain artistic opportunities are not readily available to all. This gap is what Edwards is actively filling in the school district. Edwards goes above and beyond to expose children to theatre and performance arts through the program. Additionally, Amiable Productions hires performing arts majors from Jackson State University to teach the daily classes. This arrangement, according to Edwards, has a dual effect because college students also get an opportunity to benefit from their masterclasses.

"This after-school program has invigorated our scholars to pursue their dreams of becoming professional actors, actresses, etc.," said Sherwin Johnson, JPS Executive Director of Public Engagement." "The students are engaged with the curriculum and encouraged by learning from some of the best in the entertainment business."

When asked about the experience and feedback of the students, Edwards shared, “the students tell me they wish the after-school sessions were longer all the time! They are so talented! Watching them perform their monologues or ask questions during the masterclass is highly rewarding.”

Amia Edwards has appeared in films such as Every Time a Bell Rings and Card Counter, which was executive produced by Martin Scorsese. She has also written and performed in several award-winning short films. Edwards also serves as a member of the 2021 Community Advisory Council of the Mississippi Museum of Art's CAPE (Center for Art and Public Exchange). Having tasted the program's impact, Edwards and her team are now planning to expand to other school districts in Mississippi.

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