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Tommy Rice Receives NMA Award for Country New Group of the Year!

New Music Awards has announced that Tommy Rice has won the 2022 New Music Award for Country New Group of the Year.

“I am beyond happy, and so blessed to accept this award,” Rice exclaimed. “Every song I write, I pray over it and ask God for his direction. I want listeners to feel in my lyrics what real love is like. The best years of my life were the 21 years God blessed me with my wife, Deborah.”

Tommy gives all the credit to God first! Through him Rice’s prayers were answered when he met Paul Loggins with Loggins Promotions. “One could not be more blessed! Paul and his staff work relentlessly night and day to help make my music a success. Paul and his staff are so kind and encouraging,” says Rice. Clay Mansell and Mansell Media have also partnered with Rice to help promote his music and book. “Clay and his staff have worked so hard for me, I couldn’t ask for more.” Tommy would also like to thank his ENT Attorney, Jay Long for being a dear friend and being right by his side.

“But to my voters, YOU made this possible! I have no words strong enough to express how much I appreciate all your votes. Tears fill my eyes! I wish there was a way I could hug each and every one who voted to make this dream possible.”

Tommy discovered his passion as a songwriter and author after losing his wife, Deborah, to an aggressive form of brain cancer. Throughout her battle, they kept God at the forefront, as they always did together. Three years later, God called her home. He joined a grief recovery class where he was asked to write a short story of their fight with cancer. His short story became his first song. He compliments his music and his knowledge by writing a book about the struggles of love and life all while continuing his path to mend a broken heart. With accolades for the 2022 NMA Award for Country New Group of the Year, he PROMISES to work day and night to make you proud.

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