If you haven’t started your day with WTWZ AM
1120 The Tradition, then you haven’t experienced a truly amazing morning. Our motivational, stimulating morning segments are the reason many of our listeners tune in daily. We take time to recognize the beauty of life, discuss the hardships that befall many people and make it a point to encourage everyone to
start their days with fresh eyes and open hearts. No matter if you’re a long-time listener or someone just searching for wise words in the morning, our family radio station in Jackson, MS has an unforgettable way for you to start the day.


Tired of station after station of programming that sounds the same? Looking for a station you can count on in the morning and still enjoy late into the day? WTWZ AM 1120 The Tradition will gladly be your home on the airwaves! When we’re not taking you back in time to experience some of the finest bluegrass to ever come out of the USA, we’re playing the tunes from up and coming bluegrass artists, carrying on this traditional sound. There’s a reason we’re the number one bluegrass radio station in Jackson, MS: tune in and see why for yourself!

Have a request? We’re happy to take it! Call us up at 877-754-1025 and we’ll do our very best to get your favorite bluegrass tune on the airwaves!

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