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Our own Beth Hennington will be displaying her magical baking and artistic skills in the upcoming season 6 of the CHRISTMAS COOKIE CHALLENGE. Beth is a consummate entrepreneur. To her considerable advantage she is also an artist. Those two God given talents create someone who can't be stopped. "Art has always been a part of my life in some shape, form or fashion", says Beth. As a teenager, Beth's grandmother saw potential and invested in her artistic ability. signed her up for a summer art course at Mississippi College with Wyatt Waters, a talented Mississippi watercolorist.

Beth owned a mural business and has painted murals for several businesses in the Jackson, MS area. She has also owned a mortgage company, been a real estate agent. notary public and an author. Beth's daughter, Jessica Pedigo of Tuscaloosa, AL owns Cut It Out Cutters, LLC , a 3D printed cookie cutter business. You may have seen them in places like the cover of Southern Living Magazine and in Mississippi Magazine. Beth 0- Jessica often collaborate to make things happen. They will both be attending Cookie Con in 2023, Ohio 0- Florida. Jessica as a vendor and Beth as an instructor. Beth says, "I have painted on canvas, wood, walls, clay pots and everything you can imagine but when the cookie and I met it was a match made in heaven".

Fast forward 4 years and Beth has advanced her cookie decorating skills to a much higher level. She will be competing against four other talented bakers for her chance to win $10,000 and the title of CHRISTMAS COOKIE CHAMPION. Tune in Sunday, November 20, 2022 @7:00pm est to watch her compete.

What is in the future for this Food Network contestant? Beth says, "All that I am, have and able to do comes from God. Whatever He has for me will be far better than anything I could imagine."

Beth Hennington is the owner , the pre­eminent baker of one of a kind cookies that are little works of art. You may reach her at


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